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Nancy Larson Science delivers real science

If you're looking for a quality secular homeschool science program, you've found it. Nancy Larson Science Homeschool programs are without religious reference.

Nancy Larson Science 1 ToolkitWe hear from many parents that they want elementary science curriculum without religious overtone. We aim to provide the best possible science education for homeschool families with age-appropriate, yet serious science content.

Our hands-on programs are designed to foster scientific conversations between homeschool parents and their children.

Homeschool parents have found great success with our science curriculum because it is easy to teach and the kids love it. Many parents have written to personally thank us for writing the program in a secular manner. We are proud to serve families all across the country no matter what their beliefs.

One homeschool mom reported she recently purchased the program after being impressed Nancy Larson Science was "comprehensive and logical."

Another homeschool parent selected Nancy Larson Science after reading reviews from homeschool websites. She noted, "Nancy Larson Science lets me teach science without stepping into a religious tone."

To learn more about Nancy Larson Science Homeschool, visit our programs page.